Recruiment (Domestic and International)

  • Pre-selection of candidates according to CV.

  • Telephone interview with short conversation in foreign language.

  • Face to face interview with each candidate checking and evaluation of English language or other necessary language, checking of skills, objective and character of job applicant, motivation.
  • Selection of job applicants.
  • Suitable job applicants are represented to our clients immediately after interviewing.

- In case of International Recruiment :

  • Accepted job applicants are provided with all necessary documents for legal stay in the foreign country.
  • Assistance to job applicants with travel, insurance and all necessities.
  • Personnel consulting and assistance regarding labour legislation of the country.
  • Assistance during working stay of job applicants in foreign country.
  • Translations of necessary documents.

Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing is providing you complex administration and managment regarding to creation, running and termination of temporary employment. Temporary staffing enable flexibly change amount of workers according to actual needs of employer.


  • Professionally executed selection process with garantee of satisfaction.
  • Covering with complete administration, payroll included.
  • Flexible response to changes on your market and amount of needed workers.

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